Kushin Mukherjee awarded Kenzi Valentyn Vision Research Grant

Kushin Mukherjee was awarded a Kushin Mukherjee awarded Kenzi Valentyn Vision Research Grant from the McPherson Eye Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His project is on understanding how visual communication shapes the structure of visual concept representations. Congrats Kushin!

New publications

We are excited to announce two new papers! Mukherjee et al. presents a new theory of semantic discriminability for visual communication,  and Schloss et al., is our first paper on the UW Virtual Brain Project!

Mukherjee, K., Yin, B., Sherman, B. E., Lessard, L. & Schloss, K. B. Context matters: A theory of semantic discriminability for perceptual encoding systems. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.  PDF


Schloss, K. B., Schoenlein, M. A., Tredinnick, R., Smith, S. Miller, N. Racey, C. Castro, C. Rokers, B. (2021-online). The UW Virtual Brain Project: An immersive approach to teaching functional neuroanatomy. Translational Issues in Psychological Science. PDF


PI Karen Schloss received the 2020 Steve Yantis Early Career Award

The Psychonomic Society awarded PI Karen Schloss with the 2020 Steve Yantis Early Career award. As stated on their site:

The Psychonomic Society confers scientific awards each year upon young scientists who have made excellent scientific contributions to the field of cognitive psychology early in their careers. The purpose of the Early Career Award (ECA) is to raise the visibility of our science by recognizing excellent young scientists within the field.



Christopher Thorstenson to RIT

CChristopher Thorstensonhristopher Thorstenson has been appointed to a tenure-track position in Color Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. He will start in Fall 2021, so excitedly, we get to keep him for another year! Congratulations Chris!


PI Karen Schloss received an NSF CAREER award to advance the understanding of visual reasoning for visual communication. This research can be translated to producing online tools for designing visualizations, which will improve STEM education and increase public literacy and engagement with science and technology. Our education plan will use visual communication to make science more accessible and engaging through virtual reality (VR) and accompanying hands-on experiences with color and visualization.  Click here for more details.

Congrats to Autumn Wickman!

Autumn Wickman

Autumn Wickman received an Outstanding Undergraduate Research Scholar Award from the UW-Madison Department of Psychology. Congratulations Autumn!

Welcome to our new Postdoc, Christopher Thorstenson

Christopher Thorstenson
We are excited to welcome Christopher Thorstenson, who joined our lab in June 2019. Christopher received his Ph.D. in Social & Personality Psychology from the University of Rochester in 2019, and his M.S. in Color Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017. His research focuses on the role of color in social communication.

Congrats to Brianne Sherman

Brianne ShermanBrianne Sherman received a Welton Sophomore Honors Summer Apprenticeship to support her summer research studying the effects of object recognition on color perception.  We are excited to have Bri in the lab!

Multiple lab awards in Spring 2019

Shannon SibrelKaren Schloss Congrats to Melissa Schoenlein, Shannon Sibrel, and Karen Schloss for receiving awards to present their research at the 2019 annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society.

Melissa Schoenlein: McPherson Eye Research Institute Walsh Research Travel Award

Shannon Sibrel: UW-Madison Psychology Department Undergraduate Travel Award

Karen Schloss: Vision Sciences Society National Eye Institute Travel Grant