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The UW Virtual Brain Project™: An immersive approach to teaching functional neuroanatomy

Schloss, K. B., Schoenlein, M. A., Tredinnick, R., Smith, S. Miller, N. Racey, C. Castro, C. Rokers, B.

Translational Issues in Psychological Science

A holey perspective on Venn diagrams

Bartel, A. N., Lande, K. J., Roos, J., & Schloss, K. B.

Cognitive Science

Color-concept association formation for novel concepts

Schoenlein, M. A. & Schloss, K. B.

Visual Cognition

Unifying Effects of Direct and Relational Associations for Visual Communication

Schoenlein, M. A., Campos, J., Lande, K. J., Lessard, L., & Schloss, K. B.

In Press

Context Matters: A Theory of Semantic Discriminability for
Perceptual Encoding Systems

Kushin Mukherjee, Brian Yin, Brianne E. Sherman, Laurent Lessard, and Karen B. Schloss

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics